Monday, September 29, 2014

Staring in Color

So a while ago I posted a sketch of a girl staring at you like this, and just recently I decided to paint it.  It's not exact (different shape to the face)but the idea is similar.  This piece was challenging for me because I hardly ever paint people and I have definitely never done a face like this.      
 The eyes took a long time because I wanted them to have a lot of depth and light and detail because I love eyes like that.  (Not creepy, folks.)  However, if you have ever watched me pain you know that I tend to smear stuff around with my fingers like a super professional maniac.  Anyway, I am happy with how this turned out and I hope to continue working on my people-painting-skills in the future.


  1. This is so beautiful! You are really talented! :)

  2. I can telll you put time into them because they're beautiful. I just found your blog tonight (via Sarah's) and have immensely enjoyed looking at your artwork. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create next! :-) ♥

  3. I can see the resemblance between this one and Dauntless, that's actually what I thought of when I saw this!
    P.s., Thanks for posting!

  4. Thanks so much guys. You are so encouraging. :)
    Actually right now I am doing to major projects: I am illustrating a poem I wrote as a Literature Assignment as well as trying to complete my Wreck This Journal. I'll post both when I finish them.